Deliveries of block linings for aluminum processing furnaces

Since 2018, the company continues to actively work on the design and production of monolithic and block linings of thermal units, including block lining for aluminum processing furnaces used in the foundry industry.

In March 2020, NPP Vulkan-TM received another order for one of the enterprises of the Central region of Russia, working in the field of supply of aluminum profiles. The plant has a modern foundry, is characterized by a high professional level of production, has vast experience in aluminum extrusion, and is certified by the German company TUV for compliance with ISO9001-2015.

Cooperation with the plant began a year and a half ago – at that time, the primary supply to the enterprise of refractory arches for the furnace for processing aluminum billets was carried out. The furnace is imported equipment, initially having a lining by imported blocks. As they wore down, the plant management decided to purchase lining blocks from a domestic manufacturer.

The refractory arches of the NPP “Vulkan-TM” are characterized as large-sized, made of refractory material based on mullite-corundum with the addition of heat-resistant fiber using special technology, including the high-temperature drying process. During operation in real factory conditions, the products showed high characteristics in terms of resistance, heat loss of the furnace equipment, have simple installation and installation.

Currently, preparatory design work on the implementation of the next order is completed, the technological cycle of their production is being prepared.

In the future, the plant for the production of aluminum profiles plans to purchase monolithic refractory blocks NPP Vulkan-TM on an ongoing basis.

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