Gold Medal “Metal-Expo-2019”

From May 12 to November 15, in Moscow, the VDNH exhibition complex hosted the international exhibition Metal-Expo 2019, which was attended by about 600 companies and visited by more than 10 thousand specialists. NPP Vulkan-TM received visitors at the collective stand of the Metallurgmash Union.

More than 30 meetings were held, during which representatives of potential customers received a full range of information about the company’s products: modern systems for non-stop casting of steel, refractory gate supply; metal purge systems with argon; equipment for out-of-furnace metal processing (tribapappers); refractory concrete, mortar, ramming masses, starting mixtures; monolithic and block linings of thermal units – chipboard and DPPT arches, crucibles for induction and foundry ladles.

Within the framework of the exhibition, the 18th scientific and technical conference “New Advanced Materials, Equipment and Technologies for their Production” was held, at which the presentation of “Volcano-TM” was presented on the theme “Energy-generating metallurgical production based on reduction smelting to obtain a certified steel charge stock ”Dedicated to solving the problem of providing foundries with a clean billet and the attendant problem of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At the end of the conference, the winners of the Metal-Expo-2019 exhibition were announced. In the nomination “For the best publication in metallurgy”, the joint labor monograph (NPP “Vulkan-TM”, OJSC “VNIIMETMASH”) entitled “Technological complexes for processing molten metals by injection wire” was awarded the Gold Medal of the exhibition. This is the fourth award of this international event received by Vulcan-TM.

The monograph is intended for engineering and technical specialists of metallurgical, foundry and engineering enterprises, as well as specialists in composite materials. The publication considers issues of production and introduction of reagents into cast iron and steel melts using all-metal and flux-cored wires, offers complex technical solutions to improve the efficiency of steelmaking: steel-casting shutters of a modular type; refractory purge plugs, as an integral part of modern ladles during out-of-furnace metal processing; refractory pastes (mortar); tribe devices; monolithic and block lining of ladles (crucibles for induction furnaces and casting ladles, chipboard and DPPT vaults), which allow to increase the operational properties of equipment, reduce the percentage of non-metallic inclusions and improve the quality of the melt.

During the exhibition, business negotiations were held with potential customers, a discussion of new areas of cooperation, as well as products and solutions of NPP “Vulkan-TM”, which have already proved themselves among consumers.

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