Participation in the XIV International Congress of Foundry Workers and the International Exhibition “Casting-2019

Representatives of Vulkan-TM took part in the International Casting 2019 exhibition organized by the Russian Foundry Association, the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Tatarstan Regional Branch of the Russian Foundry Association with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, which was held from September 9 to 13, 2019 Kazan.

The exhibition was attended by about 700 domestic and foreign experts, including from the BRICS countries: China, India, Brazil, South Africa, as well as specialists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, the USA, England, Turkey, the Czech Republic , and other countries.

At the Vulkan-TM booth, posters were presented illustrating the main product range of the enterprise – steel casting systems, purge blocks and units, tribe machines with a bay receiver, as well as refractory products of a new activity: block linings for thermal units – arches for chipboard furnaces and DPPT, crucibles for foundry ladles and induction furnaces of various capacities.

At the same site with the exhibition was the XIV International Congress of Foundry Workers. At one of the sectional meetings of the congress, a report “Vulkan-TM” was presented, reflecting specific proposals for developing new and improving existing technical solutions aimed at improving the quality of foundry processes, import substitution of equipment and products for casting, and improving technical and economic indicators.

The presentation of Vulkan-TM presented the entire range of products that have been supplied to metallurgical, foundry, machine-building and oil and gas enterprises for more than 20 years. A new project was also shown – Brickmelt technology, designed to produce a passport charge stock for the foundry industry. The delegation of the Brazilian Foundry Association, after visiting the RAL booth, showed great interest in this technology during the exhibition. In September, the International Foundry Forum of the BRICS countries will be held in São Paulo, where the presentation of BRICMELT and the products of Vulcan-TM will be presented.

During the exhibition, the leaders of Vulkan-TM had many productive contacts with representatives of foundry and metallurgical companies, suppliers of raw materials and investors.

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