Purge systems of Metal (Bottom blowing)

Scope and purpose

Designed for homogenization, refining and purification of metal with inert gas from non-metallic inclusions during casting in metallurgical and foundry industries


The purge system is a set of equipment that includes:

  • purge unit
  • argon ramp
  • flow meter with pressure gauge
  • heat resistant inlet hose
  • argon plug

The bottom purge assembly can be either a single purge plug in a metal shell or a purge plug (one or more) glued onto a refractory paste in a socket unit. Installed directly in the lining of the bucket. Argon can be supplied both using cylinders (ramps), and from the network.

Types of purge plugs:

  • slotted bottom purge plug – direct contact with the melt, requires a continuous supply of argon during operation;
  • porous bottom purge plug – direct contact with the melt, it is possible to periodically supply argon;
  • reverse cone blowdown plug – significantly increases the volume of metal treated with argon (utility model patent No. 150762).

Types of purge units:

  • standard design – a ready-to-install unit of standard design, consisting of a purge plug glued into the socket unit
  • monolithic – a unit ready for installation, where the socket unit and the purge unit are one unit; made of durable refractory material, in terms of durability corresponding to the indicators of durability of refractories of the bottom of the bucket
  • multi-purge – a unit ready for installation, in which several purge plugs are glued into one socket unit.

Basic indicators



Standard Value for Product  ladle nozzle
Vulkast-95 US Vulkast-95 LK Vulkast-87 LK



Mass fraction on ignited basis:

Al2O3, at least
Fe2O3, not exceeding
CaO, within indicated range
SiO2, not exceeding
























Apparent porosity, not exceeding


18 18 20
Specific radioactivity, not exceeding


200 200 200
Maximum operating tᴼ


1780 1780 1780
Ultimate compressive strength, at least


35 35 30
Height mm 150-465
Weight kg 12-300

Design advantages of purge plugs:

  • the peculiarity of fixing the cork in the bucket reduces installation time – direct additional profit of the enterprise and reduced losses of working time for maintenance;
  • design features allow you to block the gas return – increases production safety, reduces losses

Advantages of a monolithic purge unit:

  • easy to mount in the lining – there is no need to use refractory paste for gluing the cork into the socket block;
  • lack of gas return – the inert gas supplied to the bucket thanks to a special insert prevents gas return;
  • structural strength;
  • optimization of time spent on repairs – it is installed directly in the lining of the bucket and furnace, which facilitates its replacement during local repairs;
  • service life – 60 cycles, which minimizes bucket downtime

Advantages of the multi-purge unit:

1.5-2 times increase in throughput compared to the standard purge unit

Purge System Benefits:

  • safety and reliability;
  • high productivity and quality of argon feed;
  • work at temperatures up to 500 ° C;
  • Significant ease of installation of the argon supply to the purge unit;
  • lack of rubber seals, tightness is achieved due to the exact fit of the connecting nodes made of steel;
  • installation of BRS does not require tools; they are tight enough, therefore, their use eliminates losses and leaks, does not require much time for maintenance; are an excellent alternative for couplings and nuts that need to be changed


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