Argon metal processing in the steel casting ladles

The development of modern steelmaking requires the improvement of smelting methods and the technology of out-of-furnace metal processing to produce high-quality steels. Out-of-furnace treatment of the melt, namely bottom blowing of metal with inert gases, is an important part of the technological process of steel production in the area between the steelmaking unit and metal casting. Currently, the use of bottom blowing metal with inert gases allows you to:

  • increase the productivity of the steelmaking unit by increasing the speed of chemical processes during out-of-furnace steel processing;
  • to increase the purity of steel by non-metallic inclusions;
  • to carry out metal degassing;
  •  create optimal conditions for the alloying process.

Thus, purging metal with inert gases through bottom purge plugs and assemblies is an effective technology for improving the quality of cast steel and solving ladle metallurgy problems (homogenization, refining, alloying, degassing). Scheme of the technological complex for improving the quality of steel At present, three different types of purging bottom plugs are distinguished by design features and purpose:

  • purge plugs with a porous system (a);
  • purge plugs with slotted system (b);
  • purge plugs with HP system (hybrid) (c).

Types of modern bottom purge plugs Purge plugs with a porous system are used for the refining process (removal of non-metallic inclusions from a metal melt) and degassing (removal of harmful gas impurities from a metal melt). These processes are realized due to the fact that during operation the porous plug emits a huge number of small gas bubbles, which, passing through the thickness of the liquid metal, entrain non-metallic inclusions and harmful gas impurities. Blow-out plugs with a slit system are used for the process of homogenization (intensive mixing) of a metal melt. This process is a necessary modern operation when alloying a steel melt, because with vigorous stirring of the metal bath, the alloying substances dissolve uniformly in the metal. The homogenization process in the slotted plug is achieved due to the fact that during operation this type of plugs emits a powerful jet gas stream. Purge plugs with the HP system (hybrid) are bottom purge units that combine the advantages of porous and slotted plugs. Hybrid purge plugs can solve the problems of out-of-furnace treatment of metal melt, such as homogenization, refining, alloying, degassing. This type of purge units in Russia is not used and is not manufactured, due to its high cost and complexity of technical design.


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