Refractory mortars (refractory pastes)

Scope and purpose

Mortar (refractory paste) is a refractory material used for bonding various products operating in thermal units. They are used for assembling and gluing composite refractory products and gate ceramics, for laying thermal units, linings for steel ladles and intermediate ladles, coating linings, etc.


Operating temperature – up to 1750 ° C; AL2O3 content – not less than 85%.

Grades PO-Sh85F, PO-K85F, PO-K85, PO-Sh85 – phosphate bonded corundum pastes;

PO-K85X, PO-Sh85X – phosphate-bonded corundum refractory pastes with the addition of refractory chromium compounds.

Manufactured in accordance with TU 1521-010-43539424-2017.


  • have properties similar to those of high-quality refractories;
  • the presence of refractory chromium compounds;
  • comply with European standards;
  • have improved masonry properties;
  • highly plastic, easy to use, easy to dry;
  • possesses the property of air-hardening material;
  • provide increased (up to 5-6 heats) the service life of the joints of the slide ceramic;
  • quality is confirmed by positive tests at large metallurgical plants.


Concerning the acquisition refractory mortars (refractory pastes) and receipt of detailed advice on product properties, delivery conditions and the conclusion of the contract, please contact the managers:



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