Refractory concrete

Scope and purpose

Refractory concrete (refractory cement, refractory mixture) is a refractory material used in thermal and metallurgical units.


It is made according to TU 1584-003-43539424-2018

Application area, Material grade:

  • lids for blasting – annealing furnaces VulCAST 45 R VulCAST 60 R VulCAST 65 R
  • steel ladle covers – intermediate reinforcement lining – ladle leveling layer – hearths of VulCAST 60 R heating furnaces VulCAST 65 R
  • heating wells – boilers VulCAST 45 R
  • gutter cover VulCAST 45 R VulCAST 60 R VulCAST 65 R
  • blast chutes – bottom and walls of cast iron ladles – cupolas VulCAST 70 R
  • working lining of the bottom and walls of the steel ladle VulCAST 87 L VulCAST 91 L VulCAST 95 L
  • lining of the nozzle of the VulCAST 91 L vacuum unit VulCAST 95 L
  • manufacture of refractory products for steel pouring ladles (purge systems, nest blocks, bucket glasses, etc.) VulCAST 96 U

Basic indicators

Physicochemical properties

Material grade, Mass characteristic,  Сomposition mass fraction of Al2O3,%, Service temperature

VulCAST 45 R mullite-siliceous 45 to 1400 оС

VulCAST 60 R mullite-siliceous 60 to 1500 оС

VulCAST 65 R mullite-siliceous 65 to 1550 оС

VulCAST 70 R mullite-siliceous 70 to 1650 оС

VulCAST 87 L corundum-spinel 87 to 1750 оС

VulCAST 91 L mullite-corundum 91 to 1750 оС

VulCAST 95 L corundum 95 to 1750 оС

VulCAST 95 U corundum-spinel 95 to 1800 оС

VulCAST 96 U corundum-spinel 96 to 1800 оС


  • mechanization of the lining process and a significant reduction in labor costs;
  • easy way to use;
  • high durability during operation;
  • the use of a special vibration pattern for workability of the working layer of the lining


Concerning the acquisition Refractory concrete and receipt of detailed advice on product properties, delivery conditions and the conclusion of the contract, please contact the managers:



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