March 2013. New mixer development


SME Vulkan-TM carried out mixing equipment upgrade and improvement work. The company’s recent development – SID-90 high-rate type mixer – is presented in the abstract of the “Steel casting systems for metallurgical and foundry industry” report in the “New Refractories” journal No. 3/2013. The report was delivered at the 11th International Conference for Refractory Experts and Metallurgists which was held on March 14-15, 2013.

Research showed that the charge received in the mixer meets all the relevant requirements: uniform mixing and homogenization of volume of all refractory filler sizes, receiving uniform pasty mass with the minimum possible amount of moisture added, and the minimum mixing time due to the implementation of the refractory body high-rate mixing method.

Apart from the mixing equipment the report also mentioned VT-60/80 slide gates, their distinctive features and advantages, as well as refractory products made using the vibroforming technique.

Business negotiations were held in the course of the conference and requests for delivery of mixers, refractory materials, starting mixture, and chromite ore were received.

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