Alfabond 300

Scope and purpose

Alphabond is an alumina hydration binder for the production of cementless concrete. It is designed for cases where the composition of the matrix phase is a bottleneck in relation to the service properties of the final product.


Due to the low CaO content, the amount of fusible compounds formed in the matrix is ​​reduced, which have a strong negative effect on the thermomechanical properties, namely creep and slag resistance. Despite the fact that the technological properties, setting time, water demand and fluidity of Alphabond are similar to high-purity calcium-aluminate cement, it is inherent in such quality as hygroscopicity.

Basic indicators

Material manufactured by ALMATIS (Germany)

Chemical composition,% min. мax.
Al2O3 19 88
CaO 0.1
Na2O 0.5
SiO2 0.3
Moisture loss,% (25-250 ° С) 4.1
Loss on ignition,% (250-1100 ° С) 5.0 7.0
Particle size
d90, μm20 30
d50, μm20 4 8


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