For metallurgy

Scope of Application

Slide gates of steel casting ladles are a part of stopless steel and alloys casting systems (SSC) and are designed for steel casting from ladles in metallurgical plants, including mini-plants.

SME Vulkan-TM Gates

SME Vulkan-TM slide gates were developed for steel and alloys casting from ladles with various capacity up to 380 tons.

Gates designed and made by SME Vulkan-TM are distinguished by a modular design, making it possible to use plates with varying geometry made by different companies without replacing the entire slide gate (only modules are replaced).

Other features:

  • The gate has a foldable configuration with automatic cocking of spring units and various opening options;
  • Refractory components of the refractory set have a certain operating cycle frequency and are made of modern composite materials;
  • The gate design provides for gate installation in the existing mounting seats on the ladle;
  • The steel casting gate is adapted for connection to different drive systems (electric drive, with or without delta connection, hydraulic drive, manual drive);
  • The refractory preload system includes two independent spring units carried out from the high-temperature heating zone;
  • SME Vulkan-TM slides provide a possibility to calibrate spring forces without removing the springs from the slide gate (absence of screw joints);
  • Spring units can be easily dismantled without removing the slide gate from the ladle.

Delivery set

Basic parameters of gates for ironandsteel industry made by SME VulkanTM according to TU 3138-306-43539424-2011


Ladle capacity, l

Overall dimensions, mm

Channel diameter, mm

Stroke of the movable plate, mm

Auxiliary stroke for cocking, mm

ВТ-30 / VT-30






ВТ-50 / VT-50



Up to 70



ВТ-60/80 / VT-60/80



Up to 80




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