Calcium aluminate cement

Scope and purpose

Cements with 70% Al2O3 are represented by two groups: CA-14 and CA-270. In the refractory industry, they are mainly used in low-cement or ultra-low-cement concrete, laid by vibration or shotcrete, as well as self-leveling.


Group SA-14 is a carefully developed product line. Existing technology allows the production of cements of this group with three different setting ranges. CA-270 group is a representative of the second generation of cements with 70% Al2O3, which is characterized by very low water demand, excellent fluidity and high strength. Cements do not contain organic additives to avoid the risk of undesirable combinations in the chemical composition with other components. Cements with 80% Al2O3 are represented by CA-25R, CA-25 M and CA-25 C. These grades are used in the production of conventional and low cement concretes, where fast setting, high early strength and strength in the range of intermediate temperatures are required. By analogy with cements, the CA-14, CA-25 R, CA-25 M and CA-25 C groups also differ in terms of setting and nature of setting. Cement CA-25 C has a lower water demand compared to CA-25 M and CA-25R.

Basic indicators – upon request

Material manufactured by ALMATIS (Germany)


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